2011 USGP MX2 KTM Interview/Race Highlights


This past weekend I was offered the privilege of shooting for Throttlehand, an online publication. I wanted to do a video on KTM and how there representation in the USGP series is one of domination and here in the states its one of being in the mid pack. Roger Decoster and Ken Roczen fill in the details about the 250's in the US Supercross and in outdoors and the future of KTM in the US. The second video is a highlight reel from the weekends 250 MX2 races.

At the end of this week, the two videos will be changed to a throttlehand server, today there only here to get feedback. I will post new links when that process happens.


Video One Interviews:

Video Two Highlight Reel:

Thanks, looking forward to the next couple years for KTM in the US.

Cool, you did a great job. I was there also, that track is a monster!

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