drz 400s fender mod

hey all i was just looking through the TT store and keep thinking the acerbis sm fender would look alot nicer than my scratched up factory one but i was wondering if it looks funny on a bike with full size knobbies as opposed to the sm tires? also does the acerbis blue match my blue drz well? thanks!:smirk:

The blue should match so long as your plastics aren't overly faded and so on...

I think it would look a bit stubby and funny with full knobby tires but that's my opinion.

As they're so short they don't really do a good job of keeping mud and water etc from flying up into your face I've been told.

I think that the SuMo fenders look alot better than the big ol floppy S fenders.

That said, I absolutely HATED riding off road with an SM fender when I was running knobbies, it just flung crap everywhere, including into my face. On road it wasn't an issue, until winter came and then salt and sand and slush ended up everywhere again.

There is a good reason the S fenders are pretty long and wide... they work! The two motard fender guys changed back after the first ride with me. :smirk:

I have the ufo fender on my Drz400s. I love it. Looks way cool, although different, and and not as radical as the acerbis. The best view is when your riding and you can look almost straight down at the road without that fender in the way. It makes the bike so much faster. Okay, feel so much faster. The front end looks so small and easy to wheelie. Yes, it is dirtier off road, but for me, well worth it. Scott Summers used to trim his front fender to see what is in front of his wheel. In the winter there is so much road spray from other cars it doesn't really matter what fender you have, and seriously, how often does one ride in the winter in New York.

does the ufo sticker come off the front of that fender?

does the ufo sticker come off the front of that fender?

yes, it comes off easily.

I got a rm250 fender for mine. Looks factory but heaps neater thAn the original Ag bike one.

has anyone tried to fit a yamaha 450 fender on a drz? I really like the looks of that fender but would it fit and would that blue match suzuki's blue?

Here is the picture of my DRZ with the ufo front fender. The sticker came off during normal riding.


looks nice! I guess now I have to choose between that and the YZ 400 front fender if anyone knows if it would fit right!:smirk:

By the way the stock DRZ SM fender works well off-road and on and looks pretty decent in my opinion. I'll have a UFO SM fender though for street soon and the stock SM fender for off roading.

I doubt the blue yz will match the drz blue

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