Coolant Leak On rebuild

I have a 02 CRF450R that I just finished rebuilding after local mechanic said my leak from weep hole (coolant) was not water pump seal but head gasket. Then had him fix but said it needed new valve head/valves, piston, cam chain and tensioner Totaling $2500:foul: So I had him put all parts in a box and picked up.

Well I have replaced everything new.

Kibble White valves+springs, used 06 valve head that i sent to have new seats and checked.

cam chain, tensioner,

Piston (Oh yea new gasket kit)

I put it back together loaded up fluides and gave her a couple of kicks and she started right up. Sounds good and road up and down street few times. Then double checked everything and found that it is still leaking from weep hole.

Found small trace of coolant in motor oil and only leaks when giving a lot of gas.

Please some one give my some good news after all this bad news, money, work. I am ready to start my summer of :smirk:

:smirk: I really hope it is the water pump seal.

Maybe ya needed a rebuild anyway, but if there is coolant leaking from the weep hole it is the water pump seal. Now a big debate is do ya do the shaft at the same time? An EASY WAY to see if your $2500 was waranted or not, is pick up the $5 water pump seal. REmove the water pump cover, impeller, washer.. and stick in the new seal. I give it a 90% chance it doesn't leak

I agree with melk-man. Easy fix

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