NEW to the dirt scene


Whats up everybody. Jason from Holding it big motorsports here in Frederick, MD.

we've got a motorcycle shop in frederick but just recently got into the off-road scene.

wanted to say hi and see if there's anyone on here that would have some insight into where the best spots are to ride, and what spots suck. We are getting into a lot of the dirt stuff now at the shop so we'd like to connect with some locals.

thanks everybody. ride safe

Jason, unfortunately there aren't many spots to ride in Frederick. If you are willing to drive you can go to Tomahawk, Doublin Gap and Happy Ramblers. There is a members only track on Ballenger Creek but its a bit tame.

Frederick NEEDS a public motocross track. I feel that there are so many riders from Frederick and surrounding counties that travel out of state to ride. Frederick has alot of farmland that could make for a stellar track.

I think it would be a wise business move for the dealers in the area to capitalize on this opportunity by operating their own track. Give the customers an accessible place to ride = sell more bikes and gear.

If you hear of anything, let me know!

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