2010 YZ450F Shifting issues

I got a beast of a bike and i am in love with it. the only issue that i am having is after riding it for a while, it will decide it doen't want to shift. when hauling ass, when i go to shift it feels like there is something blocking it from going into the next gear up, or it feels kinda spongy........i guess thats the best way of explaining ghe feel and if i slow down a bit then it will shift fine. i have been riding for a hot min and i am sure that it is not operator error, so leave the sny marks out.

i broke the bike in and changed the oil aqnd then again after my first ride, and i am going to change it again before i ride again. i am wondering.....is this just a break in thing or is there something wrong.

I would pull the clutch cover, pull the clutch out, and reinstall it. High rev hard to shift sounds like a clutch problem. You probably already know this but be sure the oil you are using is not automobile oil. They add extra additives to reduce energy and it is not good for a dirtbike. I really like Lucus motorcycle oil.

Clutch lever/pull adjustments or the wrong oil are my guesses. Or an oil change is needed but it sounds like you've got a fresh change already.

Sounds like not much time on the bike, yes? Give it a couple of weeks.

The shifting on this bike is very very tight and precise I found when compared to my older YZ. I never had a problem shifting into gear though.

You will have shifting problems in particular RPM's if you do not have a properly adjusted clutch cable btw. If the clutch does not disengage all the way (too loose a cable) and your RPM's are not matched with the tranny, you will not be able to slip it into gear easily at all. At the right RPM yes it will slide right in without clutch operation.

crack your fingers and powershift until those gears get massaged out

I have 5h old 450 2011 its my second bike of the year first i rode over 70h whitout any major problems i used 15/40W cheap mineral oil changed after every time i use bike. For this new bike i got from Motul 300 racing oil 15/40w synthetic its suppesed be made specially for MX and 4strokes. After short use i start getting gearbox problems when shift from 3rd to 4th its miss shifts everytime when i do high rpm shift very scary if 4th gear pops off in neutral take off big jump scary. So i call dealer he told me he have few same problems other customers he told me open gearbox bring worn parts in and they go garantie.

Anyway i could belive its allready broken so i give it 1 more try whit oil i normal use mineral 15/40w and now im been on bike 3h so far no problems whit gears.

get more clutch pull adjustment before blaming gears and oil

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