Decided on Footpegs Moose ONYX 1/2" offset NOW Discontinued!

Well after a few days of looking around and riding my DRZ400S without the rubber inserts. I decided to purchase some Moose ONYX 1/2" back offset footpegs. When I went to put in a order it said Manufacturer Discontinued. :smirk:

My choices for 1/2" offset pegs $100+ or less: :smirk:

• Track down some ONYX pegs?

• New Model Moose Hybrid 1/2" offset pegs

MSR Standard or Soft 1/2" offset pegs

• RM250 pegs up to 2002 (if anyone has some they don't need let me know)

• New Model DRC footpegs (offset?)

Edited by AZroadndirt

Went with the New Model DRC Footpegs. Can't beat the price. Should have them next week from Wheeling Supply plus got some DRC shorty levers :smirk:

Moose still makes a version of stainless steel off set pegs for the DRZ $99 w/free shipping


After you enter the make/model/year info then you can pick normal or offset :smirk:

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