i am getting my cylinder replated and am in the middle of taking it apart but need help with a few bits.

just have a few questions about these parts. not sure what the part is called ,its #8b on the link below, and the two pins on the bottem of the cylinder.

are these pressed into the cylinder or can the be removed?

if they can be removed ,how do i do it?

do these have to be removed when i send it to get replated?


Sorry for not helping you, but do you know how to get the cylinder off? I am trying to, and only see three bolts, but it still will not come off. thanks

dirtbikenewb - Your 4th nut is behind the right power valve linkage cover.

gorman - You dont need to pull 8A or 8B. You do need to strip every other part off the cylinder. The pins your talking about on the bottom of the cylinder will need to come out. The pins are not press, but maybe stuck. They make a fancy tool to pull those out, but I bet none of use has one. I use needle nose pliers to pull them, but sometimes they are realy stuck, so I find a bolt that will fit inside the pin and use some pliers on the outside of the pin and work it out of the cylinder. If you mess it up, buy a new pin or dress the ole one up, but do not reuse the pin if it will not fit back in the hole. Good way to crack your cylinder.

U taken the one off under the right hand power valve cover?

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