Alpine Tech 3 Buckles

Does anyone else have serious issues with these buckles? I love riding in these boots, but I hate taking them off. Half the time I end up pulling the base of the buckle out of the boot before the strap will release. I'm considering filing the base down so it doesn't grab so much, but I don't want them to start coming loose on the trails either.

Just seems like a poor design. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help,


I have the same boots and love them.. No buckle issues at all.

i got the same boots and i have more issues buckling them than unbuckling them

I had that problem too. SO HARD to get the bar out after they were unclipped. It was so annoying that I started to HATE my boots.

Then I took 5 minutes with a dremel and a grinding disk (sand paper would work too) and I made them just a little looser. No problems with them coming undone, just take a little off from in the opening.

SO HAPPY with these boots now...they are joyous and make me happy. I highly recommend grinding/filing/sanding the opening on your buckle if its too tight. I did mine and couldn't be happier. I've heard one other local guy who had this problem with his tech 3's and solved it in the same way. Most tech 3 buckles are fine, but some are SUPER TIGHT, modify the tight ones. Its very easy.

I just loosened mine a bit and buckling and unbuckling wasn't an issue. Upgraded to the Tech 7s after a year of riding and liked them much better.

Thank you guys for the responses.

@Dynamic I'll give that a shot. That's what I was leaning toward anyway. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy :smirk:

My boy has T3 (youth) boots that had buckle problems. I called A-Stars and sent the boots in for repair. Boots came back with a redesigned set of buckles. You may want to give them a call.

i have these boots. there garbage. cant wait to buy a new pair. straps have never worked well going in or going out. my top one snapped about a month after i bought them.

agreed its a pain in the ass

i had the tech 3's and yes they are the worst buckle to do up even my bro has problems with the t7's... we litterally have to do eachothers boots up otherwise its not happen... im goign with the sidi crossfires with the camlock buckles!!!!!

The worst...had to use pliers to get out of the clasps everytime.

First pair worked fine. My wife's work fine. My second pair was defective

I curst the Italians everytime I ride. I spend top $ on SIDI Crossfires 3 weeks ago and they have failed after 8 days of riding.

Looking for a new boot. Maybe Tech 20's

I had the same problem with my Tech 3s. Very difficult to get the buckle undone and the bar out, especially after a long ride (fatigue). My riding buddy sprayed them with wd-40 and it was waaaay easier to undo them.

I still hate the boots (toe box is too big, no shifter/brake feel), but the buckles were fine after that.

I'll be buying Crossfire TAs, but hopefully won't have the early failure as mentioned above.

Speaking of which, anyone that went from Tech 3s to Crossfires, how did you find the size compatibility? I'm wearing 12 in Tech 3s, but I'm unsure whether to go with 11.5 (46) or 12.5 (47) with the Crossfire TAs. Trying to avoid having to return/reorder.

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