Refreshing antique suspension

I'm going to try and refresh my 1992 Yamaha WR250s suspension next week.

Tracking down parts has been interesting. Very few mfgs actually list the WR250 in Tucker Rocky/Parts Unlimited/WPS's suspension sections. Based on OEM fiche comparisons and info inferred from Racetech's site I've based my searching around items listed to fit:

1992 YZ250

1992 WR250

1993 KX250

The YZ I know used the same forks and shock, although the valving may be different. The KX is listed as using 43mm KYB USD forks and call for the same spring setup, 92s sported a 44mm KYB shock like my WR, but I can't confirm 100% they're parts compatible.

On the fork front I know I need bushings given I can wiggle the lowers around without disturbing the uppers at full extension. All Balls sells a full kit that includes bushings, seals and various o-rings/copper washers and looks idea for the job. It's also resold under the MSR and Moose labels. Poking around on this forum I take it many don't care for All Balls suspension parts however?

I found KYB branded bushing and seal kits listed for the KX250, can anyone confirm they'll work on my forks? They don't include the washers/o-rings the All Balls kit does so I'll need to source those separate if I go that route.

On the shock front, no one lists the 92 WR or YZ, I had to infer fitments based on the 92 KX250. I can get individual seals and bushings from a couple sources, or Moose sells a complete shock head (PU PN 1314-0042) which I assume has all the wear items/seals in one package? Is that correct, is it likely to fit, and does anyone have any experience with the Moose shock head?

43mm KYB's were very popular forks. The fork bushings will be the same from a Kawi to Yami as for the seals too. You dont need to purchase orings for the caps if it doesnt need it. As for the washer between the seals and bushings, those dont go bad either unless they get damaged(bent) removing the seals. If it were me, I would focus on new bushings and seals, KYB parts prefered but if they are not available for some reason or too expensive, go aftermarket. As for the shock, a new bushing and seal for sure. Piston band and oring for sure and possibly a bladder. The problem you run into with replacing the piston band is it stretches to fit over the lip of the piston and you will need to resize it before instalation into the shock body. If Moose sells a complete seal head with bushing and seal, that would be the way to go since you can damage the bushing trying to reinstall it in the head. You should replace any worn linkage, swingarm, and steering stem bearings while your at it. You will be amazed at how nice your bike will feel after doing all this. Good luck.

Ok, so the seal head and piston parts are two separate sections of the shock? Yamaha's parts fiche doesn't show the interior so I'm flying blind on what goes where.

see if suspension direct can get you any older parts

Well, ran into a bit of a snag. I can't get fork springs anywhere. PU says RaceTech has discontinued my spring line and is out of stock. TR doesn't carry Eibach's 989 series.

Check ebay for springs.

Eibach springs in Corona CA makes most the springs for FC, RT, ect... Call them direct. OR: Diverse springs. OR: their are lots of custom spring mfg's out there, you just need to really search. Good luck.

I've played the lazy card. FC is getting springs for me, and is going to rebuild my suspension at Stimilon.

I have a 95 CR500 and it apparently was the only year to feature the 43mm KYB usd fork, I am about 250lbs so of course I need stiffer fork springs, did you have any luck finding a set for your bike yet?

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