2006 KX250F TDC and cam dots

Hi Guys,

I have read the STICKY at the top for checking valve clearances.

However, I have a little dilema with my bike and the cam dots.

I have a 2006 KX250F.

I get the engine to TDC using the tutorial above to check valve clearances.

However, the tutorial says to use the TWO marks that are next to each

other but line up the RIGHT line with the slot in the outer case.

When I do this, my dots on my cams do NOT line up like in this photo.

They are off by about the width of the dot. The exhaust cam dot

that is supposed to line up with the head, is down below the head.

(I do have the gasket removed...)

Also, the intake cam that is supposed to have a dot line up with

the head is above the head.

IF I line up with the mark on the LEFT, then my cams

look just like in this photo attached. All dots are where they are supposed

to be. I have the correct number of chain links just like the diagram

between all dots on the cams.

So I just went and measured my valve clearances with the line

set up on the LEFT mark since the dots on the cams line up.

Is this OK to do with the LEFT mark and the dots all lining up?

Is my cam chain stretched or something else causing the dots

to NOT line up with the head when using the RIGHT line on the flywheel?



Originally Posted by lmaballa

Thought this would be helpful ...


It´s a good thing that you are paying good attention, but I get the feeling that you read too much into it.

The engine spins counterclockwise seen from the timing plug holes. The first line is a timing mark, the second is TDC.

When setting the timing you start by keeping the crank at the second mark, then put the cams in. Put in the exhaust cam first, make sure the timing chain is tight on the front. Position the dot aligned with the head.

Then put in the intake cam, making sure the dot is level with the head.

If it doesn´t seem just perfect, imagine how much the dot would be off if you moved the cam a whole tooth? A lot more for sure.

Then reset the tensioner and mount it in place. Check again that the dots are lined up.

If they are "almost" there it´s fine. If you move it a whole tooth, where would it end up? Even worse most likely.

That´s all you can do. A stretched timing chain will make the dots line up even worse.

Thanks for your response.

I think that everything is setup correctly with my cams.

However, I have been checking the valve clearances

with the crankshaft lined up on the FIRST(leftmost) line

because my dots all lined up correctly.

Sounds like I have to line up the crankshaft with

the SECOND(rightmost) line and have my cam dots

"off" a little bit, then take my valve clearance readings.

Change out your timing chain if you don´t know when it was last done.

Change out your timing chain if you don´t know when it was last done.

Exactly what I was thinking. I was surprised how stretched min was when I changed it. You will need a flywheel puller if you do indeed change that chain. I bought one for $40 from Sirius Consolidated and it's perfect.

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