Film Trick

My right fork started leaking a few drops, and I figured I would try the film trick. I tried searching and coudn't find any specific instructions. Can anyone explain the best way to do this?


all I do is just pull the wiper and force the film between the fork tube and the seal to remove any dirt that might be causing the leak.sometimes I also wipe down the fork tube with a little Armer all to reduce friction it seems to work for me

I copied and pasted this from another thread that I replied in:

Slide the dust covers/wipers down, clean all debris and oil around the area, use the 35mm film trick to clear any debris from between the fork tube and seal, apply some grease (Lithium Soap Based Grease per Factory Manual) on the fork tube right below the fork seal, then slide the dust cover/wiper back up and into place. Then ride and see if the leak goes away. It may get you through a couple rides, but I'd look into replacing those seals soon.

I didn't have any film but use a laminated student ID card (nephew's old one). Works great. Thinner than a credit card and durable enough to toss in the gear bag for future use.

I use playing cards. Works pretty well for me

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