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Modifications to Sicass narrow bar switch

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Sicass and maybe others sell a multifunction bar switch (Sicass part #26-042) that enables one to narrow the handlebars quite a bit because it replaces the very wide switch normally found on EXC's and others.

It's pretty easy to modify the switch so that the often unused horn button can function as the starter button, thus enabling one to whack off about another inch of bar width, this time from the RH side. The joy of whacking off is not to be underestimated, no?

Anyone interested, I'll draw up the rather simple modification. If not, screw it.

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I'm overwhelmed at the popular response to my offer.

This text, obviously, refers to the splendid diagram which believe it or not, I did myself.

This is how to substitute the horn switch in the Sicass multifunction swtich for the starter button, thus enabling one -- you, for example -- to pitch the starter switch and thus get rid of a full 1" of bar width on the RH side.

The sicass switch as shipped has two connectors: one six conductor and one three conductor. The three conductor connector is for the headlight and is installed as per sicass instructions. It's not further discussed here.

Fig 1 shows the six conductor connector as it's shipped.

Fig 2 shows the four conductor connector as it is on your bike. This is the connector into which the starter button wires plug.

Fig 3 shows the six conductor connector after two pins are removed.

Fig 4 shows where the two removed pins will be inserted into the four conductor socket.

Fig 5 shows that the entire starter button and its wires and pins are removed.

Fig 6 attempts to show the anatomy of the little pins that stick trough the connectors.

Instructions: remove the starter button from the bars and unplug it from the four conductor socket on the bike. Remove the orange and the black/white wires and pins from the starter button plug. This will liberate the plug completely.

From the sicass six conductor plug, remove the Light Green/dark green and pin. Similarly, remove the black wire and pin from the same plug.

Stick these two pins in the four conductor plug that you removed from the starter button.

Plug in the sicass multifunction switch: the three conductor to the three, the four to the four (since you put two of the sicass conductors into the four coductor plug, the sicass switch now has three plugs attached) and the six to the six. (note that although the sicass switch still has a six conductor plug, only four of 'em are in use.)

Cut an inch off the RH side of your bars.

Start your engine with the sicass horn button.

Haul ass.


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