Ive tried looking through the catalogues and cant find one to fit the drz. Just wondering if any1 can point me in the right direction?



Or source a three stator wire RR. Universal ones will not mention specific fitment.

Are you sure yours is bad? It is very rare that they fail.

not 100 percent sure yet but im testing it tomorrow and im gona give the stator a check.

Ive had it on an off more times than i can remember while i was playing with the carb and i think ive got a loose conection as the wire enters the unit. The oem one is very pricey too.


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Common fail point is the connector between the RR and the main harness, hence the 'free power mod'.

ok, cheers. Did all the tests and it seem ok but im going to do the "free power mod" you talked about.


That will probably fix you right up, assuming your battery is still good.

did the free power mod and the battery is producing 14.5 volts when its on idle. hopfully thats solved it!!


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