Riding Hardpack

Any tips for riding hard pack ? I always feel i'm on the limit of the tyres grip in the corners ,, until one of the really fast boys goes past me .

Did you happen to notice their body position as they went by? Did they look to be really trying to weight their outside pegs. I'm not the best at this either but have more success with my body not quite centered on the bike. Hopefully the really fast guys on this terrain will chime in and give you more to work with. :smirk:

good hard pack tires are key. if you dont trust your tires its bad new. Work on feathering the brakes both front and rear with the gas on, takes time but pays big dividends. Im sure gary has it covered in a vid. Ride as much as possible.

weight the outside peg, get your ass on the outside of the bike when trying to turn, your really have to be active on the bike and get the weight where you need it. basicly i have found out that you kinda have to ride the bike as if you were riding a quad when on hardpack, of course if you have never rode a quad might not know what i am talking about. most tracks in my area are hard pack so i know this, weighing the outside peg is always a good habit but on a hardpack track weighing the ouside peg is HUGE, if your not weighing the outside peg on hard pack its almost safe to say you will never be fast on it. for tight 180 hard pack bowl turns i always found it easyist/fastest to come in pretty hot then slam on the rear break to get the rear end whiped around then back on the throttle:thumbsup:

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