Suzuki Z400 quad fcr39 carb work on DRZ sm?

Has anyone tried this? They are fairly easy to get hold of if it will work. I know Eddie, I'm kill'en ya with my nickle and dime ways, sorry (ish). :smirk:

if a z400 had a fcr then yes,but they dont so no.

Hmmm.... that's what the guy on Suzuki Central was implying...maybe after market to him too?....better look deeper

yep,they come with a bsr 36.

Okay it was from a 2007 YFZ but says it will work on z400...that one is sold but looks like they come up often.

so will a YFZ carb work on my little toy?

they do not have the bolt on intake bell. they also have a huge throttle housing that wont clear the frame a on a drz.

Eddie is right about the YFZ carb. It will work If you grind the throttle housing or don't use it, but the killer is the idle adjustment screw will hit the frame. I had to cut it off and weld a different bracket for the adjustment screw. Not to bad if you can get the carb for really cheap or free, but I would not do it again. I have a picture if you look under my threads or do a search for "cheap mods."

Thanks guys!

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