2011 choking out

I have a 2011 rmz250..25 hours on it..it isnt starting first or second kick anymore..it sounds like it is bein choked out...

checked the valves..intake were .09 and .10...i shimmed them to be .13 and .13...(inspec= .09 to .16)..exhuast were .18 and .19..put them to .21 (inspec=.17-.24)..

bike still seems like the air filter is CAKED and it just doesnt wanna start..it makes a "air sucking noise" fairly loud from the airbox when i kick it.. air filter is changed EVERY SINGLE ride..and oil every 4 -6 hoursw depending on how hard i am riding..

I dont know much about the fuel injection...since everythign seems to be checkin out good..im assuming maybe something electrical due to over agrressive power washing..or maybe fuel related

ANy help would be greatly appreciated


Check all of the electrical connectors for corrosion or moisture. I have heard there is a screen or filter on the fuel pump in the tank that can get plugged. There were a few local guys with Hondas that were having problems like you are and it ended up being the screen on the pump. You may need to pull the tank then remove the pump from the bottom to get to it. Gotta love this EFI crap. Carbs were much simpler.

Your valve clearances were the same as mine. I checked them when the bike was new to get a baseline. They were on the tight side of spec but they have never moved.

thanks for the info man..ya that probably would have been a good idea..i talked to a kid with 89 hours on his 2010..nevr touched the valves..or clutch ..nothing..jus religious with his routine maint...its a shame to see all these people havin problems with these bikes..im loving this thing

Well its not just these bikes. Anything mechanical will break. There are a few that break but remember there are more that dont. Keep us posted as to what you find with your running problem.

Check to make sure the crank case breather pipe is clear.

I had similar starting/ Idling problems with my 11 rmz250 i had to much oil on my filter, re cleaned it, and put less oil on it and it has been great ever since

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