Hull creek


Don't look like Hull Creek is going to be open for Memorial Day weekend.

Campground is in accessable due to snow at this time and Forest Order # STF 2011-8. This order is effective from May 18, 2011 through June 15, 2011. I like that campground real well since they have updated it last summer. Its good for people like me that can't get around real well and ya can ride out of camp. I've been watching the webcam at Cold Springs and looks like the snow is really melting fast. I think there is A good chance that the campground will be open Memorial Day weekend if there is no more snow that is.

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Just called Mi-Wuk ranger station he told me that there still 5 feet of snow in and around Hull Creek campground. 3n01 road is still closed at the North Fork day use area (bridge). Looks like July sometime before they open it I bet. They are also going to be doing some trail repair in the Clavey river area as soon as the snow is gone and it dries up the Forest service site has details of the work they will be doing back in that area.:ride::cool:

Just been reading update for Hull Creek area (Zone 3). They have extended closer till August it looks like. Said its to muddy and didnt want any ruts.


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