help me pick a ktm to buy

so heres the deal im looking for a new bike.. the three bikes i cant choose from are a 150 xc 200 xcw or a 250 xcfw try not to be biased.. im gonna stay off the track mostly woods ..hare scramble maybe some enduro.. i weight 175 and 5'9 ..i want to have a bike that i can ride and it not beat the shit out of me im looking for something that i can always enjoy riding and it last a while..routine matience is not an issue... ive had rm 80 kx 100 and yz 125 and now a kfx 450r quad (thats not saying much but it was a good deal i couldnt pass it up) im not looking for a bike that will man handle me and me not enjoy racing /riding it.. im leaning more towards the 200 ecw cause its more of a woods bike then the 150 and not as high matience and expensive as a 4 stoke maybe you can list the pros and cons of both 2 and 4 stroke.. advise and opinions greatly appreaciated .. and also im going to buy the 2012 models so if theres is anything new or anything i should stay away from that would also be a help

thanks rich

I'd say the KTM 250 2T XC or XC-W, but at your height the 200 XC-W 2T may be absolutely perfect. It is a smaller bike than the 250. Those KTM 2Ts are fantastic.

200 would probably be a good choice. I ride a crf 450 and bought a yz125 for "fun", it was fun but a lot of the time I just wanted some more power to be lazy. On the other hand, a 250 is a great bike because it has that low end that you can bog around and still get you where you need to go but some times its just too much bike. So why not find a happy median! 200 will be light, but still have the nuts that you need to go where ever you want! whatever you choice is you will be really happy!

i vote for the 200. dont look over the 400 xcw though. it is a great bike

200 hands down. 150's are a blast though!

yea im gonna go with the 200 thanks guys

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