Looking for a bike for a girlie

I let a friend ride my CR250R last weekend, & the seat height was just a little too high, and she had a little trouble kicking it over sometimes. So I'm wondering if you peeps will help me do some homework.

She's 5'4", ~105#

A couple of friends' wives ride CRF230Fs but they're a little bigger, & it seems like a heavy bike.

I think the CRF150R might be the way to go here, especially if it has electric start.

She'll probably buy used, I'm just trying to help her gather some info.

Here's some of the specs I've gathered so far:

CRF 150R - $????

???electric start???, 5 speed transmission, 10.8” travel fork, 10.8” travel shock, 4 stroke, ??? ground clearance, 183# wet weight, 32.8 seat height


CRF 150F - $3399 MSRP

???Electric Start???, 5 speed transmission? 9.1” travel fork, 8.9” travel shock, 4 stroke, 10.0 “ ground clearance, 236# wet weight, 32.5” seat height

CRF 230 F - $3899 MSRP

???Electric Start???, 6 speed transmission, 9.5” travel fork, 9.0” travel shock, 4 stroke, 11.7” ground clearance, 249# wet weight, 34.1” seat height,

CRF 230 L - $4999 – street legal (any of these bikes can be made street legal with a $500 kit from Baja Designs and little more….)

???Electric Start???, 6 speed transmission, 9.0” travel fork, 6.3” travel shock, 4 stroke, 9.5” ground clearance, 267# wet weight, 31.9” seat height

TT-R125LE - $3150 MSRP

Electric Start, 5 speed transmission, 7.1” travel fork, 6.6” travel shock, 4 stroke, 11.6” ground clearance, 198# wet weight, seat height 31.7”

TT-R125E - $2699 MSRP

Electric Start, 5 speed transmission, 7.1” travel fork, 6.3” travel shock, 4 stroke, 10.4” ground clearance, 198# wet weight, seat height 30.5”

TT-R230 - $3790 MSRP

Electric Start, 6 speed transmission, 9.5” travel fork, 9.5” travel shock, 4 stroke, 11.6” ground clearance, 251# wet weight, seat height 34.2”

I think she would lag behined you if she was following a cr250. The crf230 is basically a bored out version of the 150.

I think she would lag behined you if she was following a cr250. The crf230 is basically a bored out version of the 150.

She'll lag behind me no matter what's she's on (same as I'll lag behind some of my friends for the foreseeable future), I just want to make sure she gets the right bike for her. I can always wait @ major turns etc, or throw up some smoke (dirt) signals.

Would a YZ125 (2T) be too tall for her? A YZ80/85 be too small?

I think 4T would be a better idea even though both 2T/4T have their pros/cons.

The CRF 150 R is the MX version and does not have electric start. It also comes in a big wheel. The CRF 150F is the trail bike with electric start but it is very heavy like the 230. I would look at a KX 100 or a KTM 105. The KX 100 would be perfect seat height of 34.4 and you can get them new for $3200 now or used but great shape 08 or 09 for $1800 -$2000.

Get her a used yz 125 and make the seat lower

Most torquey low seat height bikes weigh a ton and the suspension is lacking. But they have e-start and they build confidence which is priceless for many newer or beginner riders.

I think the CRF230F is fantastic as are many like it (there's one in my garage). The larger wheels work wonders for a rider's sense of safety. And as for the wet weights.....don't be surprised if those are waaaaay off from real-world weights.

i would say the crf150R (mx bike none trail) has good power and you can get the big wheel

I am also a girl so I will tell how I started and maybe it will help with the discussion I am 5 foot 7ish I started on a 1982 rm125 in march I loved that bike but I could not keep up with the boys so I just got a WR250 I think that my new bike is pretty heavy but is much quicker I hope with time I am better able move her around I don't know if this helps or not

I'm leaning towards the CRF150R since it seems the most modern (appears to have the best suspension) & is the lightest, but I just found a 2002 TTR125 near her for $900 so hopefully she'll test drive that.

Hows the power going to be on the TTR125? I kind of like the idea of this machine even though the suspension might not be as good. So long as it's not a total dog it might be a fit for her first bike....

KX100 or CR85 Expert, CRF150R Expert, RM85L (Big Wheel) or KTM 85 with 19"/16" wheels.

My daughter is 5 4" and 110 lbs and can just touch on her toes (but not flatfooted) on her KX100. A 125 two stroke MX bike with 21" front wheel and 18" rear wheel is too big (same height as the CRF250R that she rode)

TTR125, CRF100F, CRF150Fm DRZ125, KLX140 are very docile and have about 8-10 HP. The 85-100cc two strokes and the watercooled CRF150R have about 3 times the horsepower (27-28) of these air-cooled 4 stroke bikes.

If she rode the CRF250R and didnt kill herself on it, she will be bored in about 3 mins on the TTR125. By all means, have her try the TTR125, but I doubt that its what she is looking for.

would the CRF150R w/ the big wheels be too tall?

Get the CRF150F with electric start and add the CR85 suspension. Great all around starter bikes.

Get her a kx 100, doh

The CRF150F is a very heavy bike for a small girl and they only have E-Start, no kick start as a back up. As suggested by someone before about a 125 2 Stroke, way to big. The 125's are same height and sometimes taller then a 250 or 450. The CRF150R big wheel is perfect but expensive and the maint. can be more costly down the road. The KX 100 is perfect or any 85 big wheel. Sure, the TTR-125, KLX 125 or 140 or similar bikes would be fine if she is content on trail riding and putting around, but she will most likely get bored in no time. What ever you choose, I would get her a lesson to teach her proper riding style and kill any bad habits. Remember, the 2 strokes are easy and cheaper to fix then say the CRF150R.

the Kawasaki KDX 200, 220 or 250

the Kawasaki KDX 200, 220 or 250

What is the seat height on those bikes. Don't forget we are talking about a girl that is 5'4 110 lbs. My wife is that size and she fits perfect on my son's kx 85. It does not do her any good if she cant touch with both feet and the bike is to heavy to pick up if she goes down.

The TTRs are turds compared to a CRF150R..the TTR will be heavy and underpowered. My friends 11 year old complete beginner son rides a TTR125 small wheel. It really depends on her skills more than anything. Ive ridden with alot of beginners...some riders have it, some dont.

the seat height is 919 mm (36.2 inches)

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