need berg pics .....

hey guys my brother is thinking of buying ( actually trading some stuff ) for a husaberg 500 2 stroke. i saw a pic of the bike and the kid says its either a 99 or 2000 but i have my doubts its that new... im guessing mid 90's. anyone have pics of the bers from say 90 on up ...kinda like a timeline thing ?? i have apic on my phone ... ill try to link to it or post it if i can figure it out ... lol...... i can tell u this .. its yellow plastics,blue frame, looks like a black or grey colored tank and it comes way down on the right side of the bike....standard forks..hope that helps a little bit.... thanks guys,scott

*** UPDATE *** looks like a 4 stroke to me .... heres the pic ( hope it works )...

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Husaberg never made Twostrokes apart from the newest generation which are blue KTMs

Thats deffinately a 4 stroke just from looking at the engine and exhaust....

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