KTM Fork oil height and damper question

Hey can anyone give me the min and max oil capacity of the forks of my 08 SX250. Im putting new fork seals in it and im going to start it with the minimum height to try and find my groove.

I never opened up the inner cartridge so im good with that.

One more thing, what do i do with the locknut on the bottom of the damper assembly? Do i tighted it until the damper rod is sticking out past it a certain distance? I dont have a shop manual so i dont have any specs.

Thanks guys!

I went with 350cc for the outer chamber. I guessing 340cc is probably lowest you should go. The locknut you should screw it all the way on. Make sure you have the rebound adjuster backed all the out to the softest setting before you reinstall.

Somebody will chime in and correct anything I said, I hope. Good luck. It's not that hard.

thanks man!

350cc is right in the middle

It may not matter, but I just noticed yours is a sx, mine is a sxf.

the very same specs for sx and sx-f, russ, so no worries

official qty is 385ml, 350ml is a good starting point, since the 385 are too much

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