CR250 trail gearing

Stock my '03 is 13/48, currently running 12/49. Still seems too tall, 1st gear on my bike is taller than 2nd gear on my buddies WR250F. What do you guys run for tight, nasty trails? Also have no FFW or auto clutch.

I'm currently running 12/50 on my 02 and I think that with a FWW (the bigger the better, 14oz is next on my list) it should be about right even for trials type riding. With that being said, I've run 12/52 on an 03 cr and found it to be a bit too low as it brought the "hit" too early making it hard to keep traction. Once out on the fire roads both setups had me looking for 6th gear in no time, so you may or may not care to factor that in.

couldnt imagine running a 12 on the front, I am running 13:49 or 13:50 and I am too quickly running out of gears on connector sections.

13/50 for me

13x51 here

i have 13/48 on my 07 cr250 with r304 shorty and its good all round ,i have 14/52 on my 01 yz 250 and thats a bit to short (i think thats how you say it lol might be tall ?) but im about to get a new 46 for the back on my cr as you can not put a 14 on the front without taking your chain guard off im going to have some fun with the smaller sprocket and shorty pipe as its real snappy and with a smaller sprocket i'll cover more ground and have a bit more top speed im then going to get a fmf fatty and power core 2 (not powercore shorty) and put a NEW stock size rear sprocket on it for a while then put the 46 on im also going to put some v-force 3 reeds in as well so if anybody would like to know how these mods affect everything msg us and i'll get back to you

forgot to mention i do ride trails all kinds of different speeds aswell stock gearing is good for trails you probably would like 13/46 like im about to i will post how it goes when i do

12/50 works great on the track and the trails can not go wrong with that setup.

WOW! that some low gearing 12/50. the bike is probability screaming it guts out a 40 mph.

I ride single track with a 13/50 and 12oz flywheel weight and you lug pretty low with .

I do believe the 2002 cr came stock with 13/48 as the gear box had different gear ratios

my bike is a 01 motor.

I'm pretty happy with my 14-53 but it does require a longer chain guide since my chain chewed through the one I've got. I was hoping that more teeth front and rear (but similar gear ratio to a 13-48 or something) would maybe last longer and so far so good.

13/52. Run singletrack and I like it. I do find myself running out of gear on the fire and gas well roads but the advantage on the tight stuff pays off, also I dont run a f/w. If I want to go 85mph I have a 450 w/t 13/48.

13/49 on my 96 250

absolutly love that gearing on it. its easy to do trails and its easy to rip the track. with an 18 inch rear rim of course.

I learned to ride in tight nasty trails and most people over here in Kauai run 14/53 or 13/51. I ride a 12/50 and it seems to work really well everywhere. Remember going down one tooth in the front is the same as going up 3 in the rear.

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