1999 wr 400

Just wanting to know people opinions on a 99 wr 400. Good shape, runs good, except small hesitation at mid throttle. Has anyone had engine troubles with this model bike? I'm trying to decide if purchasing this bike or trading for my 94 klx250r would be wise for trial riding or whether i'm better off with what I got. Going from 6 speed to 5 speed and going from 250 to 400, which means more fuel consumption. Any thoughts out there. thanks

I got one. I'm in the middle of a pretty serious jetting fiasco right now, and I can't get the bike to stop shooting flames. JD jetting is trying to help me out, but it is pretty confusing.

Other than that though, it rides decent, it does good, and it's a fun bike. It's a bit of a heavy clunker, but it gets by. It's definitely NOT a trials bike though...

yea ok i typed that wrong, i meant trail bike. I know its not a trials bike for sure, nor to I need one. Have you taken yours on any tight trails and had good success?

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