Different crankshafts

I noticed the part number for the 07 crankshaft is different than previous years yet Hotrods sells a crankshaft for 02-08. What gives? Are Hotrods crankshafts as good as OEM? How does OEM compare to Wiesco, Hotrods, Falicon?

OEM is the best the rest just make their crankshaft/parts like oem

That Falicon unit is good shit. Its better than OEM. Especially if you drop the coin on the knife rod.

Hot Rods and Wiseco etc, I bet all come out of the same factory. There are a lot of guys running them with no problems.

I am debating changing the rod. I have not done this before. I tried to press out the old pin at work without success. I tried to find a video on the process without success. I don't have a problem indexing it with V blocks and 2 dial indicators but getting the pin to press out is not working. I think it's because I need to support one half of the crank only and push from that side. I am practicing with a junk one first.

The 07 has a different counterbalance than previous years and is smooth. My rod has some wear at 20° and 200° and needs to be replaced.

I have a hotrods in my 03 and have had no problems but the engine is not as smooth with more noise than the 07. The noise could be the earlier cylinders with the smaller skirt area of the cylinder.

I don't want to assume 07's crank is not balanced differently than previous years.


Looking at youre signature line I noticed youve got a hotcams cam in the 03. Dunno about the crower, but the Hotcams Ive installed all make more noise than an OEM cam.

I I think it's because I need to support one half of the crank only and push from that side.

yep thats how you get it apart thats the easy part puttin it back together is a different story good luck with that.. I tried once without luck after thinking more about it I have a idea but have'nt had time to mess with it yet. Really you need to build a tool first to keep it all lined up .

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