14/48 with 110 link chain?

Can anyone tell me what is the biggest rear sprocket I can run with a 14t front and a 110 link chain. I recently bought this bike and it has a pretty new gold RK o-ring chain on it, I don't want to buy a new chain just yet and I'm hesitant to add a second master link...?

I run 14-44 w 110 and I'm just under 1 on the snail adjuster (400s).

14/49 on my S with a 112 link chain just barely works. The snail adjusters are as far forward as they can go.

is a stock sm chain 110 link?

110 might be tight?

is a stock sm chain 110 link?

sm = 110

s-e = 112

I'll say it.....it won't work.

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