1983 xr200 problems

I have a 1983 xr200, with a bored 250 head. I'm having a problem with the kick start, sometimes when I kick it the lever just seems like it doesn't catch. I'm wandering what it could be. Would it be easier to fix this, or swap the engine out. Thanks, Jordan

the rachet mech. is worn out

Any idea of where I could get one of these, or what could I do. I'm looking to restore the bike, so I need it to start

Good news, bad news: Honda sells the parts but you will need to split the cases. Make sure the compression release works because it take a lot of the load off the kicker.

The compression release does not work. But when I kick it, it only "catches" probably 3 out of 10 kicks. So I don't think it's the compression release. Would it be worth it to split the case or just look for a new engine

The starter ratchet is a weak point in the 200s and a functioning compression release reduces the load on the starter, prolonging its life. The CR not working can lead to accelerated wear of the starter. If the engine has also had its displacement increased that also puts more load on the starter. A functioning CR also make the engine easier to start. My suggestion is to also fix the CR.

The repair parts are not too expensive but splitting the cases is time consuming and requires a some new gaskets, paying a dealer is prohibitively expensive for a bike as old as yours. Buying a used engine is an option but I have not had good luck buying used engines sight unseen!!:smirk:

does Honda sell the gaskets I need or would I need to somehow make/costomize my own? Does anybody know if a newer 200,230, or 250 motor would fit with some brackets maybe?

Does Honda still sell the parts for the CR? When I had my 81 in to the mechanic for top end rebuild, he removed it and the parts for it are now missing. Possible to rig something up more like the 3 wheelers with a cable on the bars or just a manual switch at the valve cover?

The common failure points on the compression release are the cable and negligent mechanics who remove it.

There are also four bolt on parts; two brackets for each end of the cable along with the activating arms. As far as I know all of these parts are available from Honda and/or eBay. Installing the side cover requires special care to insure the internal lever and cam are aligned properly.

The OEM release is best because it is automatic and only works during the first half of the kicker travel. If the kick was started from the top, by half way down the crank is turning fast enough for an easy start from that point with full compression.

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