IMS Tanks

I have a 09 650l and have been looking at the IMS 4 gallon tank. I've been searching for pictures of the tank in red and cant seem to find any.I was wondering if anyone on here had the IMS in red. Thanks

RUN to the Acerbis 5.8 gallon tank. I got the Clarke 4.7 because I didn't want so much weight in fuel. Now, when I ride places like Death Valley, my range is limited. If you are worried about the weight, don't fill it up! :smirk:

Get the Acerbis.

I've got a 4.3 on my 350 and I really hate the bloated look compared to the stocker.


I have no need to ever carry 5.8 gallons. The most ill ever ride in a day is 130-150 miles. I live in New Jersey and ride the 650 in the pine barrons which is close to my house. Anybody have the IMS with pics?

IMS 4 gallon will only give you 100 miles before reserve, Clarke 4.7 about 150. These are just ball park numbers so? Really up to what range you are comfortable with? I hate the thought of pushing 350 lbs very far:busted:

I dont see how you would only get 100 miles on 4 gallons. Right now I get about 85miles before hitting reserve with the stock tank which is useing 2.2 gallons. So I would guess with amost double the amout of gas ill get more than 100 miles. Again im looking for pics of anyone with IMS

IMS 4.0


Clarke 4.7


Acerbis 5.8


Not familiar with where you ride or how you ride but these mpg estimates are off road, sand, rocks pushing a good pace in AZ.

Thanks for the pics. My riding contains both street riding to get to the trails which are mostly fire roads, sand washs, and single track. Sometimes I can get 90 miles w/out reserve on just street rideing, but normally around 85 I fill up and take about 2.1 gallons. So im expecting atleast 130 miles

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