YZ 250 swamp proofing?

Hey I just bought a new to me 04 YZ 250, coming of a YZ 250F. For my old 250F i did the swamp proof mod, where you re route 2 carb vent lines into the airbox, so you wont suck up any water. Is this necessary for my new two stroker? thanks. I will be riding it in the woods so.

I'm also curious if you need to do this? While riding this weekend i hit some deep water and the bike stalled out on me.. The creeks are high right now with all this run off. Also riding a '04 yz250.

So far I know the little vent line of the powervalve does not suck in anything. But you could reroute it anyway just to be sure.

Definately reroute at least 2 breather lines from the carb to the airbox and the gear box breather.

The carb vents will prevent it stalling and the gearbox vent will prevent water/mud being sucked into gearbox. I one blew a crank seal because mud blocked the gearbox vent.

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