For Sale: Stock TTR125 (small wheel) forks w/ new BBR springs

I didn't see any selling sections on the forum, so I thought I'd throw this up here. I have a set of stock forks off of a 2002 TTR125 (small wheel) with new BBR fork springs already installed, as well as new oil and fork seals. I've only ridden with them once, for a couple of miles. I found a good deal on some YZ forks and ended up replacing them, so the springs are new still. I'm looking to get $100 OBO for them. I'm in Cadillac, MI, but I'm willing to ship them. If anyone is interested, reply here or PM me. I can get shipping quotes for those interested.

I'm guessing this will be removed by a mod. There is not a forum, but a whole section called "Classifieds". The tab with Forums and Parts Store.

Ah - didn't look there. I'm used to classifieds sections in the actual forum. Sorry!

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