Hillbilly gp branson mo

Looks like a cool place... Do they have open riding or just special events location? I do Forward Motion and we don't get there..

first time they have ever raced there this property is for sale so who knows if it will happen agian and no its not open to ride. hope we race there next year

Man that looked like a fun track!

I think that is the first race in mo. that wasnt a rock fest.

Dont be so worried about the riders behind you they will let you know when u need to pull over.You recked once looking for riders.You paid your money to race just like they did thats the way i look at it.

Great video i would like to try it next yesr.

that place was very rocky just not in the begining. when i laid it down i had hit a fist size rock with my back tire

Neat place! :smirk:

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