2006 yz450f

i heard that the 2006 yamaha yz250f's had an intake valve problem but did the 450's have any recalls. and what is everyone's opinion on a 06 yz450f especially compared to a newer yzf. i'm just going to be practicing on mx tracks not racing competitively.

I owned 1 from the showroom floor until a month ago and loved every minute of it. If you find a well maintained 1 buy it. Mine never let me down, just maintain it like any other 450. And the valves on that bike went 5 years. It doesn't stick as well in the corners as my 10' in stock form but does handle very well. The only bikes that handle better IMO is a newer YZF

Super reliable. The 08 frame made a huge diff in the turning but for your needs I'd get an 06 if the price was right and condition up to your standards. Set it up and then ride, ride, ride. I've been waxed by 06 yzf riders pretty handily on all sorts of tracks and trail. :smirk:

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