Latest XR4 project

Got home from work tonight around 5 and pulled it all out of the boxes and put it on a table and my 16 year old daughter and I had it put together by dinner time.

Waiting on the cylinder to get back from the machine shop with a 440 sleeve.

More pic's to come.



Basically ,I saved this one from being parted out.

I now have a grand into it.

I have everything but what the last owner lost.

I'm looking for; Head cover bolts, head nuts,cam chain guide

If anyone has them, please let me know .

So far

1 big bore kit $ 120

2 new rod $ 50 from a guy here on TT ,thanks

3 machine work $ 200

4 miscellaneous Honda parts $70

5 intake valves $ 60

6 gasket set $ 60

I have a title and registration for this bike .

Buddy gave me messed up baja kit so I'll see if I can make that work.

im staying tuned...i love build threads :smirk:

Called today on the cylinder, not done yet . :smirk:

Made another custom end for the exhaust last night. The parts I ordered are in at the Honda dealer, forgot to pick them up after work today and drove right past there. Where are my priorities, freaking A ! :smirk:

Rode one of the 250's around the yard, wife doesn't like me jumping next to the pool. I'm bored, I need something to wrench on.


I forgot about this thread so heres an up date.

Fired the the new engine up last night for the first time in two kicks.

When I rebuild an engine this first start up always puts a smile on my face.

This one is a killer, the 440 is an awesome enhancement to an xr400. The power increase really is unbelievable.

This was a trashed 400 dollar bike that wasn't in bad shape but just down right mistreated and with all the missing nuts and bolts she is now around a grand plus my labor . The labor is like a hobby so no big deal, kept me out of the bar and out of my wife's hair.

The rear suspension is just not what I like , it has a lowering link on it and the bottom pivot on the shock has some play so thats coming off for the fix.

Other than that I now have a very fast xr4.

New carb on the burner , I'm on the hunt .

Who out there has a 440 and what jet combo on a stock carb do you use ?

Sea Level pilot 62 main 162 or 165.Air box mod,header and hi flow muffler.

New carb on the burner , I'm on the hunt .

Who out there has a 440 and what jet combo on a stock carb do you use ?

I couldn't get the stock carb to jet/run well with my 440. So I put the Mikuni pumper on it.

Finished unit


Finished unit


Very nice job!:ride:

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