2008 yz250f

I feel terrible asking this and I know there is probably a question already about this, but I just bought a 2008 yz250f and was wondering If I could get some advice for fine tuning the jetting on this bike. The thing is bone stock except I cut the meshing out of the frame of the air filter. Any suggestions/advice?

Around A thousand feet above sea level

Although you have asked several questions similar to this before, goit answers and never responded, I'll answer you one more time.

Cutting the backfire screen was unneeded and does nothing.

How does your bike run? What specific running issues are you having.

there is an extreme lack of bottom end

but that is in comparison to my 02 yz250f w/ an fmf which Im convinced makes a difference

You are not clear. Does the engine run smoothly? Are you positive the engine is sound? Stock pipe? Any mods done other than hacking away the BF screen?

Stock Pipe no mods. runs smooth. just need the jet size for 1000 feet above sea level

Might want to go down a size in main jet, really depends on air density. That is a combination of humidity, air pressure (inches mercury) and temperature.

you have to test to be sure. Chances are, even with no change, it will be fine for you.

Thank you so much

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