Exhaust gasket on 2007 + WR450f Is it important?

In the picture below how important are the 2 very thin metal gaskets on both sides of the spark arrester? I just put my pipe back together an one of them is sitting on my work bench. I know I installed the one the goes towards the engine so this one must be the rear one. Do I need to take it apart and put it in? What is its purpose?


They are supposed to be there for spacing and correct fit if it works it will be OK


Jeez, its only 5 minutes work (if that) to put them in!

(Anyone would think you'd just rebuilt the motor and left the crank thrust washers out or something! LOL!)

Put it back the way its supposed to be.



Jeez, its only 5 minutes work (if that) to put them in!...

+1. It probably took longer to start this thread. :smirk:

They prevent exhaust leaks. leave them out, you'll get exhaust soot leaking out of the can. They are they for a reason. Thinking you know better than the designers is usually fruitless. Plus the bean counters would of loved to save $.25 per unit

And back in it goes.


And back in it goes.

Good move mate! :smirk:


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