There is a company called SDG USA that is a MFG of high end bike seats who recently went into production on quality MX motorcycle seats - they are selling them new with a gripper seat cover for only 89.00

I heard of this company while searching this site for a seat for my YZ400.

This post is just some feedback on the service and quality of experience I have had with SDG USA.

I first ordered a seat from them in FEB. At that time the told me it would be on back order until late March as they had not gone into production on the 4-stroke yamaha seats yet. I waited until the end of March when I began inquiring about my order. Ever since the end of March I have been given nothing but the run around about when I should get my order. Every time I call they tell me it will be another week or two and here it is now mid May and no seat. Now they are telling me it will be the end of this month.

I have seen lots of advertising for their seats in local shops, catalogs and online so they are hitting it hard. I feel that they have been collecting orders so that they will have enough to meet a manufacturing recquirement before even producing the first seat.

Yes it's a great price on a new seat but if you can not get one it does not really matter. Not to mention they act like they could care less about my business. I told them if they could not get me one soon I would have to cancle my order and get a Yamaha seat as I have not been able to ride for several months and they said that would be fine. I just wanted to let everyone know the kind of service to expect from this company and keep it in mind should you need a new seat.

Ok, I was a little frustrated (I just wanna ride) and I was treated poorly but now that I have vented I feel a bit better....

Anyone got a yz seat they wanna get rid of??



Uncomplicate your life man, give them a few months to get them into production and then get one. That way you'll see how the work also...

Tom N if you had either a YZ125 or 250, you would be very happy with the SDG seat. My wifes 2000 YZ125 is top quality, be patient the 400/426 seat will be here soon, you will be happy with it.

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