2008 Honda Xr 650L w/Big gun Evo R


I just purchased a Big gun Evo R exhaust (hopefully It's not as terrible as some of the post I've read), but I was wandering about Jetting. A local shop told me to put a new plug in, and run it hard. Then evaluate the looks of it. Black=rich, White=lean, Chocolate=perfect. I'm just wandering how to choose sizes and, about those kits that have you drilling holes and all that other stuff. I ride everyday rain or shine, but I'm not hard core off road or anything. I like riding wheelies and just having fun. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Or if I need to do anything

Put a 52 pilot and a 160 main.

Cut tab off your air/mix screw and set at 2 1/2 turns out

pull snorkel and use aftermarket filter, should be spot on.

Did this with same bike an pipe. Do block off kit as well.

I did a search and came across your post. I bought the Big Gun exhaust and header system as well.
I'm having trouble with the jetting too. Prior to this exhaust system, I had a full FMF exhaust with header and had no problems. Now, it takes the bike a long time to warm-up before I can ride. I have to keep blipping the throttle.
What jetting did you end-up using?
FYI - I have the main jet at 155 - 158
Pilot and needle are stock and the clip is in 4th position.

Was your FMF muffler the Quiet Core ? They're a bit restrictive . If your needle is adjustable , it's aftermarket . Either get a stock needle and shim it and up your pilot or put a 178 main jet to go with your needle you have . The jet kits only increase the main with their own needle .

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