Slow going on the 500AF!

No speed here! The guy out in front is the #1 plate in Southern Nevada! He is no joke! I wasn't able to record the more technical areas because I was afraid to take my hands off the handle bars to turn my camera on! He took me through some badass stuff! I was happy to complete his novice loop at any speed!

Your crazy... :smirk: Where was that?

Wheres the technical part?

Wheres the technical part?
Sorry wasn't able to record the more technical stuff! The camera requires me to remove my right hand from the bars to reach up and turn the camera on. It was reasonable for most of the ride then when it got crazy I couldn't get the camera on! I was on his turf so didn't know what to expect.

if u stand up and ride on the balls of ur feet those downhills will be a hell of alot easier

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