DRZ 400 motor?

Is there a suzuki or Kawasaki quad/4-wheeler with the DRZ 400 motor in it? I know there is Suzuki 400 quads but wasen't sure if it was the same motor.

I'm shopping for a quad and would like to educate myself, thanks.

The basic Z quad engine is the same, but there will be differences in tuning, things like the cam, carb, and such. Excellent engines!

Most high end performance quads have engines that started out in dirt bikes. Honda 450R and 400EX, and Yamaha YFZ, for example.

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Comparing side by side, it looks as though they use the same engine casing, there's probably some differences in the gearing and cam systems between the quad and bike, but otherwise, they look fairly identical.

I was primarily concerened with durability and maintenance requirments (or lack there of)

i wasnt aware that the 400ex was a high end performance quad :smirk: The LTZ 400 is pretty much bullet proof though, and mine hangs right with the 450 quads in the woods and doesnt lose too much ground on them out in the open. :smirk:

The Z engine is excellent, but when it comes to durability, simplicity, and longevity, the 400EX is the king!

On the Z, some years used an alloy on the water pump cover that corrodes easily, so do some research on that and avoid.

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