General WR250f Rejetting Question


I am going to rejett my WR250f tomorrow with a JD kit, and I was wondering if there are any good websites/tutorials/pictures that will help me identify the needles and parts of the carb I need to know about. I still don't really understand what all the different needles and clips do.

Also, does anyone have a good suggestion on what needles to use to max the power of my bike?

Thank you


The instructions you get as well as the parts in the kit answers those questions clearly. Also, your bike owners manual has a wealth of information.

Max power is simply when the bike runs the smoothest.

I emailed JD and he gave me a setup that he thinks would work, but he said keep the stock pilot jet. But isnt the pilot jet what controls the low rpms? This is where I am having stuttering/misfiring isues. Wouldn't that mean putting in a bigger pilot jet?


Pilot jet is for idle only.

what year wr250f do you have?

what modifcations have you done?

and what settings did jd recommend?

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