E start problem

I had a problem with my E start today. First a little background. I have a 2004 CRF250X with full CCC mods. Lately my bike has been cranking slow and the battery has seemed to be low on charge. I really havnt had the money to get a new battery so for the last month if it didnt seem to want to start with the E start I just gave it a kick with the kick starter and it starts on the first kick.

Usually after riding for 20 or so minutes the bike starts with the e start with out problem. Today when I went to start it would crank for a couple of seconds and if it didn't start right away it would slow down and just click. No problem. I still figure low battery.

Here is where I had the problem. I tried to start it with e start. It didn't start. I went to kick start it and I couldn't kick it over fast. The starter was still still engaged. You could hear the armature in the starter spinning as I was kicking it over. I could only move the kick starter very slowly with a lot of resistance. I didn't want kick it hard for fear of breaking something in the case. So at this point I got off the bike and started pushing it in neutral back to the truck. I will admit at one point I walked away from it and thought about throwing rocks at the bike. Halfway up the hill I decided that pushing a dead dirtbike up a hill is no fun and went to try and start it again. I tried the e start and it cranked slowly but no start. I finally got mad and gave it some hard kicks. On the second hard kick the starter disengaged and the bike kicked over normally and started. I rode it back to the staging area with out incident. I started the bike at home and the starter sounded a little louder than I remember but I could just be hyper sensitve to it at this point.

My question is, Is this a starter going out or a fluky think that happened because of trying to start it with a low battery?

I would get a new battery and forget about the sound. You probably want to check the starter gear to make sure it disengages properly

well from what I understand the gear doesnt disengage. It has a gear on it that has a one way clutch on it and it free wheels in one direction. Not sure how running a low battery would effect that though.

interesting, i've been having the same problems, i would have to wait a good ten minutes for some odd reason then my bike would start in one kick. finally got pissed and saved up for a shorai battery, so random how after its warm the kick stop working..

i ve seen starters on other things that have the gear stick out/engaged when there is very low battery power

the battery may just be discharged. I will go put it on the charger tonight and see if it recovers. If not I will replace it and cross my fingers.

get the size battery for the 450X. it is the same physical size but has more cranking amps.

Yes the starter gear is always engaged, it doesnt move in and out like an automotive starter drive. If you could hear your starter turning when you were kicking it over then your starter clutch was stuck or sticking at that time.

A bad battery shouldnt cause that, I would still replace the battery and if it happens again think about getting a new starter clutch.

I know that you are supposed to use a trickle charger with these but this is what I did. I do not have a trickle charger. I have a large battery charger like an auto repair shop has. I put the charger on high for 10 minutes then bumped down to low for and additional 2 hours. Today the bike is starting normal and cranking at good speed. So cross my fingers hopefully the starter clutch doesnt get locked up again.

new battery solved all the problems. shorai hands down, light, strong, small, and durable.

something with a low/dead battery messes with the starter, making it impossible for the bike to start till it cools down..

shorai LFX14L2-BS12

Direct replacement for the YTZ7S

3.90 lbs. lighter than the lead-acid YTZ7S

Weight 1.61lbs.

210 CCA

found it cheapest on ebay..

So far the recharged battery has been holding a charge. I rode the bike on Sunday with no problems at all. Today I went to install my brand new ASV clutch lever and perch. Afterwards I started it with the button just fine and rode for a few minutes. No problems so far with the e start since the battery has been recharged. Still not sure why the starter jammed up with the drive gear.

when the battery gets low again, it'll happen again, when the bike is hot.. kick wont work, and you'll need to wait for the bike to cool to start it..

stupid random problem.

Well I can not really bitch about the battery. I have not had it on a charger in over 2 years. Recently because of some family emergencies and other issues I have not been able to go ride it every weekend like I was. So it has sat for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. Bike is still starting perfect as of today also. Looking forward to some riding this holiday weekend.

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