08 wr 250 to a ktm 200xc-w

been askin in the ktm forum so i thought i would hear from you guys. i would like a little more power and a lighter bike would be nice, i just don't know if i can give up the button. anyone hear come from or rode a ktm 200? i have never rode a 2 stroke either so i don't know what to expect if i got it, i don't even know anyone with one, so i would be going in blind.

Have you uncorked the WR and had the suspension setup for your weight and riding ability/style ?

Suspension work can make a bike feel totally different.

No way I'd go to a two smoke without a button from a WR, but, if I did, it would probably be to a YZ... cheaper, easier to find parts and easier to sell without taking a huge loss.

I like KTM's, a lot, but a WR to a two smoke without a button just seems like a downgrade to me.

KTM does however offer a 2T with a button that weighs in right at 220 lbs or so. Maybe you could check out one of those...

those are soooo easy to start I don't think a button should be an issue.

My brother just went the other way. From a KTM 200EXC although an older 99 modal to an 09 WR250F. I don't think he'll go back to a KTM or a 2 stroke and the WR isn't even uncorked yet. The WR is 10 years newer so it's not really a fair fight.

You really have to keep the 200 xc-w on the pipe which could be very different then how you ride your WR. You may be better off looking at the 250 xc-w. Can lug it (if need be), better power throughout the entire band, and newer models have a button!

My brother has a ktm 200, ive ridden it and dont like it.

The bike isnt very stable over rocky terrain, its too light in the front

We had a "drag race" the other day off road, and i beat him by half a bike length due to his excessive wheel spin.

Dont give up the WR, they are awesome, yes the 200 is piss easy to kick over, but what about when your stuck on a hill with nowhere to put your feet? or when your stuck in a rut and the kick starter is hitting the dirt when your kicking it?

i have a q4, mega bomb header, yzf cams and a rekluse on my wr.........................................

think i'm gonna keep her. it would be an expensive experiment that is not necessary, that could back fire and cost me $1500.00 for nothing.

I have ridden one for a while and liked the motor but not the suspension.

They start very easily. They really don't need a button.

To get a WR to make any horsepower at all takes at least a thousand bucks and a good amount of time.

For my riding style and terrain the W tranny in the 200 doesn't suit me. In KTM's larger bikes the W tranny is nice!

owned both, my 200 is a XC, the ktm makes more power everywhere, you dont have to keep it on the pipe at all, I rarely ride on the pipe when I ride single track

wr's are heavy, big, and slower, if I was taller I might like them more

Yamaha hasn't changed the WR since 07.

I'm tired of having to un-cork the thing before I can ride it.

Dirt rider has a test of the KTM 200 in their latest issue. They might be fun. I love my WR and wouldn't swap, but I'm older and mellower. I used to have a KDX200, and basically everyone with one of those secretly wishes they had the KTM.


I am going back to a 2 stroke. I am tired of all the costly maintenance of a 4 stroke. I think that I will go with the KTM 300 xcw as it has lots of low end for the woods and a " happy button ". In your situation I would take the KTM 200 xcw in a heartbeat. Good luck.

The WR and YZ250's are one of the most reliable bikes ever made.

One of the WR's saving graces.

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