1986 Yamaha TT 225 front wheel

Does anyone know if front wheel assembly from Yamaha XT 225 will fit TT 225. I have a wheel that is cracked and they seem to be hard to find in good condition.

It would depend on the hub, and the spacers putting everything in correct alignment. The overall width has to be the same so the forks are not bound. I have a TT225 parts bike and the front wheel is cracked at the seams. The DIDs from those years seemed to do that. If all else fails get a 21'' DID and respoke your hub into it. The older DIDs didnt crack as well as the newer ones didnt either.:smirk:

Try to find an online parts list for both bikes and see if the part numbers are the same?

(Isn't this bike also called a Serow) check here http://www.xtserow.co.uk/

Edited by Garth Knight

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