2003 CR85RB topping out?

I have a CR85 and it dies when I pop the clutch out, I have to drag it out at high RPMs. It wants to bog out as I build up RPMs to get into second gear. But now after running it wide open it only runs properly at 1/2 throttle then requires me to shift up before it bogs out, and in return I get no power.

Any suggestions?

I live in Alabama (birmingham) right now I will get temperatures from 72-86 degrees F. What are your carb specs?

I'd check your carb settings first. Get a manual to find out the exact specs so set your carb to for your elevation and temperature. I have a Clymer manual, it's pretty good. You'll use it all the time if you do your own work, trust me it's a great (cheap) investment. :smirk:

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