What happened to the Miami Trails guy?


A few months back there was a guy saying he wanted to get some trails going on some land that he had spoken to the owner of. We exchanged numbers and stuff so that we could get a team of trail builders going. Well the guy never txted me or answered my calls. Was wondering whats the status on those trails?

Could have been a LEO or city/cty turd looking for info (always be suspicious for someone looking for trails to ride or make new ones).

Remember this is a public forum and the city/county folks love noting better than to shut down riding area's.


the counties dept. of environmetal resource management (DERM) wants to charge $35,000.00 an acre for impact fees to be able to do the trails, even though this property will eventually be turned into a lake:mad: this makes the project unfeasible unless an exemption can be granted which does not seem likely.

WHAT!?.... that's friggen ridiculous. I feel like complaining loud and hard enough until someone in the public notices. Who told you this? where are they located? Dade county? This kind of stuff pisses me off beyond belief. I was so excited to get out there and cut trails with you man

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