CRF450x feedback

Hi everyone,

another newbee here,I just wanted feedback from anyone who rides the crf450x as I'm on the verge of buying a brand new 09 from honda's blowout sale their having.I weigh about 210 lbs and am interested in more trailriding than racing so I don't need all that insane power the 450r makes.I've ridden a 450r and it's too wild for me.I'm too outta shape to manhandle something like that on the trails.So my question is the 450x reliable? I've read some horror stories about their valvetrain online. Good on fuel ? especially when riding in fairly remote areas will fuel be a factor? how do they handle on off camber hilly trails? I used to have a xr600r that was a bear to handle on woods and off camber hare scramble trails that I remember riding on.I'ts been a few years since I've last ridden but I just can't seem to stay away.Plus I need the exercise to get rid of the chub around my middlesection. Should I stay away from something like this? I'm actually surprised that Honda still has 09's left.Is there a reason for it?I can't afford a KTM soooo, love to hear any feedback. Thanks in advance....:smirk:

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I bought an 09 450x in february. These are great deals and great bikes. I checked the valves at 100ish miles and they had not moved. The 450x is not bad for tight trails, and it can be ridden pretty slow for a 450. I have noticed that you have to work the clutch and keep it revved a bit more than the old xr models but not nearly as much as a 450r. As far as gas mileage goes, in the forest you are looking at approx. 30 to 40 miles so if you need more range, there are a lot of options available for extra tanks etc.

I weigh 220 and I only bottom out the stock suspension if I flat land from about 6 to 8 feet up.

As far as why they have so many left, I believe a lot of people bought the r models because of the weight difference. I dont think honda did a very good job advertising this bike, then got caught with their pants down due to over production and the down turn of the economy. check out some of the video reviews on utube, push the magic button and have a blast.

I am 6' and weigh 250lbs and love my bike. I have done many of the modifications found on this and other sites and just changed the front fork springs, no re-valve or anything. This is a great bike and have never had an issue with it. My 07 has the 2.1 gallon tank and I generally get around 50mpg on it.

I rarely go fast on the single track in Michigan, always in 2nd or 3rd gear. And only open it up on fire roads and such. This bike does like to lug in a higher gear too. If you decide to purchase it and do some of the basic mods, you will fall in love with it.

I have not had a single failure unless you consider having too much fun one day and running out of gas, about 17 miles from my truck one time, lol!!!


Ok thanks for the reply guys, looks like I'm going down to Honda to get one OH BOY!!!:smirk::smirk:

bought my '09 450x in april. its an AWESOME bike. be sure to jet it RIGHT AWAY.

also, if your worried about range, i put a 3.2 gal IMS tank on mine. 130 miles or so between fill ups should be enough for ya. the JD jet kit runs 75 bucks, and the tank will set you back $265.

good luck dude


Well It's been a week since my last post, I pulled the trigger and Brought home a brand new 09 450x YAY! still haven't ridden it yet as I don't have all my riding gear yet,I was able to bid on and win a ims 4 gal tank from ebay so I'm also waiting on that.I'm also reading up on how to adjust the dampning & rebound on the front forks.The manuel says after breakin they should be taken apart and cleaned and new oil added before riding again.Have any of you messed with that yet? looks intimidating.Still reading the service manuel on suspension setup as this new bike is kind of like a blank sheet of paper, and not a pretweaked used bike....:smirk:

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