Wife needs a ride

Hey there I'm stuck on what bike to pick up for my wife. She has watched me long enough and wants in on the action. That said I'm now stuck with trying to find a bike to fit her. She doesn't want anything aggressive and I doubt she ever will, so I'm looking at play bikes. Problem is that dirt bikes arenot made for her body type. She's 5'0" and about 150 lbs. I've been thinking about a TT-R125L but I'm not sure if that's just a hair too tall, because building her confidence is key. But I'm afraid if I go for the smaller option she'll loose the terrain abilities the larger bike provides.

Any thoughts? DRZ and KLX are also options, not sure about Honda, seems like they outweigh all the competition, looking to keep the weight as low as possible for her.

crf150f would be good

Take a look at the standard KLX140,I had an L model and it was a VERY fun bike.The power is a nice docile type,very predictable and very fun.Now, that being said the 140's clutch is awsome too,because it is a 2-stage clutch.That 2-stage clutch will help ease stalling,on top of that it is buttery smooth with an easy pull.

Thanks Nick, I had no idea the KLX140 had a 2-stage clutch. This will help her confidence greatly.

You mentioned you had an L, how tall were you when you had it? My wife is short, 5' with around a 29" inseam. Her being able to reach flat-footed would be great and maybe the smaller bike is the right one to start with, but it seems like the L's upgraded suspension and swingarm would be better long-term for her weight.

ttr 125 is only 28 inches or so seat hight. a 4'8 person could fit on it just fine

KE100, my 5'2" gf learned on one and was happy with it, till she got her license and rode my street bike, but that's a whole different animal. Very short seat height, relatively cheap (we sold our last one for $650 in decent shape), light, forgiving.

You can also plate it and use it as a 100 mpg grocery getter for all those trips when you forgot the sugar or a lemon to zest.

The standard model will be just fine,you can retrofit the L shock to the standard model.I was way too tall for the bike at 5ft9.

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