1993 toyota 4 runner need help please

so i bought a 1993 toyota 4 runner therr months ago its a beautiful machine but unfortunately is sittin in my drive way it has a loud loose sounding knock coming from the engine i havent drove it since im no mechanic so i dont even know where to start on the thing:banghead: ive had people look at it and have been told that the valve is slapping the head if that makes any sense if anyone can help or knows anything about this please comment i have money to fix it just need to know where to start:thumbsup:

thank you

please comment anything will help!!!

Maybe post your question in a 4runner forum? There are plenty of them. If you must post it at TT, put it in the general chatter section, not a dirt bike specific forum like this one.

General Dirt Bike Discussion If your topic is not make/model specific, but still related to off-road motorcycling, please post it here.

walk away..................................................................

sorry to say that 3.0 was one toyota's biggest engine mistakes, they blow up on a regular basis, i'd walk away also.

Swap a 3.4 in there. Actually go to TTORA.com they have a great site for runners and tacos.

The 3.0 has some head issues.

You could always go to some place like Northwest Offroad and get a kit to swap in a Chevy 4.3 V6 or small block V8. I think they even have Ford V8 kits now. All it takes is money. lol.

Is it a V6 3.0 or the good ol 22R four banger? How many miles on the truck? Can you tell if the knock is coming from the top or bottom of the engine? I am not very versed in the 3.0, I had one for a short time and have heard of many a recall for head issues. The 22R on the other hand i have a great deal of experience with. I can't even remember if the deuce deuce was offered in the Runner in 93.

Probably a 3.0. They are not a bad engine, they had headgasket problems but Toyota recalled all they could find and repaired them free of charge. I have yet to see a recalled engine blow a headgasket. I have a93 with 270K miles that I have owned since 15K. Other than the headgasket recall and 2 timing belts it has been good.

If you are lucky yours may have a headgasket blown between cylinders and if it is unrecalled Toyota will still repair it for free. A quick VIN check at the dealership will tell you if it was ever done.

Find someone that specializes in imports and ask for their opinion on the noise. Chances are good a reputable and concerned shop will give it a listen and opinion for free after walking out in the parking lot to hear it.

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