xr400 piston?

i have a 96 xr400. im going to change the piston and rings. what yall think about running a pro-x piston? i have never run one, and dont know much about them. are they good, bad?? im kinda on a budget, so weisco is out of the question.

already bought the piston kit. just going to rebuild it using the pro-x piston...if the piston grenades....oh well, wont be the first time on a honda..........thanks for all the help from you guys!:smirk:

dont know bout a 4t but there great for 2 strokes, there basically oem, because they make pistons for honda

that what i was wondering. heard of people running the pro-x in 2 strokes, but cant find alot on 4 strokes. i bought the top end kit from ebay. came with the piston and gaskets for $108.

well............bad news on the rebuild! took the motor apart, and the choke had broke, went into the motor{i havent had the bike but 3 weeks, so this happend before i got it!:smirk:} anyhow...........

piston is beat to death!

3 valves are bent!

one bolt in head for header broke in head!

man, this bike is becoming a money pit fast! i have already bought........

new kickstart

xrs only choke plate

new top end kit

and now i have to buy new valves and get a head job{and i aint talking about the good kind!:smirk:}

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