Removing linkage/swingarm bearings for maintenance

I have a question about how people go about removing the various sets of linkage and swingarm bearings for routine maintenance. I have done lots of searches over the last few days, but I haven't seen a good description of how to get the needle bearings out. The maintenance manual says to use all sorts of special removers and a hydraulic press. I may be wrong, but I am guessing not many people use a hydraulic press for this. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to safely remove the bearings for greasing using realtively standard tools (or even makeshift ones?)

Thanks in advance-


I've heard you can use a large vise with various sockets as rams. You can also get creative with allthread, sockets and washers. I personally use a press. I picked up a harbor freight 12 ton for $100. I have to say it was money well spent. It makes service work so easy and you'd be surprised how much use you get out of it.

You don't remove them for routine maintenance, just take the assembly apart then pack more grease in. Or, remove needles with a small magnet, then clean, grease and re-assemble.

If your looking to install new bearings, using sockets just smaller than the bearing bore and a vise (used like a press), or hammering the socket with a dead blow works if you don't have a press. Check youtube or Rocky Mountain ATV for how to videos.

Ahh. Right now I just want to grease them as preventive maintenance. So if I remove the dust seals and collars, the open bearing side is facing outwards so I can pack grease in?

Sorry for the noobie questions - never done this before and I appreciate the help.


Thats how I do it. :smirk:

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