what year exhaust system's will fit?

I have an '07 aussie wr250f and am looking at getting a used aftermarket system,maybe a yoshi,what years will fit the '07? Are the alloy frame systems different than the steel frame ones?


I installed a 2010 yz250f oem slip-on to my 2007 wr250f. I used the WR header and bought a new WR gasket/bushing and swapped it with the one that was in the yz can. Works great. Thats all I can help you with though, sorry.

No worries,every bit of info helps.

thanks mate

Hi Mark.

Small world! Who's the 250 for?

Hi mate!!

My brother dave bought it on mon,totaly stock.

So i need to bump up the power a bit to drag his big ass around.

I might give you a ring to see what mods you have done to yours but from what

i can see its all the same old mods from the old wr400's up.


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